Who am I ?!

The age-old question without a solid answer. Am I an undefinable spiritual being having a human experience? Or maybe I’m an undefinable spiritual being CREATING a human experience. My name is Daisha. I could tell you where I was born, what my childhood was like, and how I got from being born to this present moment along with all of my shadows, desires, and traumas. Is that what defines me? 

I am Earth. I am Nature herself. I am a beam of awareness inhabiting a technological miracle made of ancient star dust. I am ever-changing. I am a waking dream interpreter. I am a life alchemist that will help your truest essence shine forth, freeing your soul, nurturing your inner child, slow dancing with your shadow, feeling fully embodied. I am a midwife for your rebirth. I am you.

Welcome to my world, where photography isn't just a passion—it's my deepest connection to the magic of life.

As a six year old girl, I was gifted my first digital camera by my father, igniting a spark within me that has since blossomed into a lifelong love affair with capturing timeless moments. To me, the ability to see the world through a lens and freeze it in fleeting beauty has always felt like pure magic.

My journey with photography took on new dimensions as I embarked on travels at the age of 17, exploring over 25 countries and immersing myself in the wild beauty of our Earth. Through these adventures, I discovered that our true home lies in the embrace of Mother Earth herself. Each journey became a pilgrimage, a reminder of our interconnectedness with nature and an invitation to delve into her mysteries.

At the core of my being lies a deep-seated belief that we are all walking embodiments of the Earth, and my greatest gift is to hold space for others to awaken to their true selves. This calling led me to work in various roles surrounding human interaction, including social assistance for individuals with disabilities. For over a decade, I've been privileged to witness the raw beauty of human emotion and resilience, a theme that resonates deeply in my photographic work.

In addition to photography, I am also a professional videographer, and merging these passions has been a revelation. I find immense joy in working within the field of somatics, exploring the intimate connection between body and emotion.

For me, photography isn't just about capturing images—it's about capturing the essence of emotion, the raw beauty of the human experience. It's about weaving stories that resonate with the soul, inviting others to see themselves reflected in the tapestry of life.

Join me on this journey of exploration and discovery, where every click of the shutter is a celebration of life's infinite magic.

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